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The 500 Morse Street project has been designed to LEED for New Construction v2009 standards. The below overview outlines sustainability features of the building and also resources for residents interested in sustainable living. 

Transit Access and Parking

The site is located in a densely developed area with access to numerous community services in Washington DC.  The parking garage has Level 2 charging stations for residents with electric vehicles.  

Resident Resources

Utilize local transit resources which can be found at the Commuter Connections website.  The below links provide resources on public transit, carpooling, car sharing, and bike routes.

Water Efficiency
Plumbing fixtures were installed in apartments which result in 39% water savings compared to the LEED baseline.
The project's efficient fixture selections result in approximately 4,664,553 gallons of anticipated water savings per year.

Resident Resources

Water conservation can be achieved through efficient use of faucets and other fixtures.  Any replacement fixtures installed by residents should be water-efficient and WaterSense labeled where possible. 

Energy Performance

The project was designed with energy efficiency in mind.  Some of the project's energy efficient measures are:

  • Efficient lighting design using LED lighting throughout the building with occupancy sensor control in corridors, stairwells, amenity areas and the parking garage

  • VRF HVAC systems with variable speed compressors and fans

  • Condensing boilers providing central domestic hot water

  • ENERGY STAR appliances and heat pump dryers in apartments

  • Low flow plumbing fixtures

  • 35 kW solar photovoltaic system installed on the upper roof

Resident Resources

Use energy in an efficient manner to the extent feasible to reduce utility bills and for environmental conservation. For example, any replacement lighting or lamps should also be LED lighting. 


Also consider green power. Pepco allows customers to purchase electricity from any generation company while they deliver power to the home.  The below link from the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) identifies companies that supply green power which are also available through Pepco.

Indoor Environment

  • Low VOC paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and flooring were installed during construction.

  • MERV 13 filters have been installed for ventilation systems serving the building.  MERV 13 filters are filters with a stringent filtration rating which improves the quality of the building's indoor air.

Resident Resources

The US EPA has a label for home cleaning products which have met EPA safety and environmental guidelines.  The “Safer Choice” label can help residents select safer cleaning products which also contributes to an improved indoor environment.  The below is a link to a searchable database of household cleaning products that have the Safer Choice label.

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